The height of mage.《Frieren: Beyond the Journey’s End》Anime Highlight

《Frieren: Beyond the Journey’s End》English Full Episode Playlist:

After ten long years of adventuring, the mage Frieren alongside the hero Himmel and his party members has defeated the Demon Lord and brought peace to the world.

As an elf that can live for more than a thousand years, Frieren went to travel alone, with a promise that she would reunite with Himmel and the others later on.

50 years later, Frieren visited Himmel. However, in contrast to her being no different from how she was 50 years ago, Himmel has aged a lot and doesn’t have long to live.

A short time later, after seeing Himmel passes away before her own eyes, she finally realizes that she has never made any effort to “understand people.”

With that regret, Frieren heads on a journey to “understand people.”
On her journey, she will meet with all kinds of people and deal with all kinds of things.


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